To blog or not to blog?

Here I sit in a local coffee shop, a typical ‘plugged-in’ technocrat, latte in hand, headphones on, music going, hands resting on the keys of this metro macbook pro… wondering to myself; as if I have an audience, if anyone really cares about blogs?

I think this is what I would have called a journal back when I was a kid, or a diary if it was my sisters, except the intention here is quite the opposite isn’t it?  Perhaps down the road, days weeks or months from now, I will know the answer to blogging or not.  For now I will attend to this when I think of doing so and when there is something useful to add, which of course is subjective.

Moving on… Sam Madison is the newest edition to our family.  A 12 week old Australian Shepherd.  He is great and I am glad we made the decision to adopt him from our local humane society.  Already I am thinking of a painting I will be doing of little Sam.  Which brings me to my last point for today, Madison Art.

Madison Art is a comprehensive representation of my ambition to become a full time watercolor artist.  Prior to blogging today, I was posting updates and works in progress on facebook.  I do feel a blog is a more appropriate venue to discuss my art, offer some personal and reflective insights about my work and allow others to see some method to the madness that is art.   Hopefully others will glean something beyond the paint and paper.