Things are progressing well enough, and I’m reaching the point of over saturation with this piece.  There comes a time in every painting that the interest level begins to wane and you begin to start thinking about the next piece.  Well I’m there now with this and want to finish it by Sunday.  I think I have been working on this for nearly four weeks.  Too long!

I’ve spent considerable time on the watch, which proportionally doesn’t seem like much but it seems to consume a lot of my time and I’m barely half way done with it.  I’m also beginning to notice that the face seems lop-sided: being too narrow between what will be the six and nine o’clock numbers.  This of course was planned due to the viewing angle, but is seems I’ve overcompensated for the circular distortion.  I hope it is forgivable enough to not be noticed, I know it is beyond adjustment so I will have to live with it.

In addition to extensive watch attention, I have darkened the backdrop map with some more Naples Yellow and Cadmium Orange to richen it more and add a bit more contrast to the green of the book.  I’ll probably add another wash or two more and re-outline the map text before I call it finished.  I’ll need to spend some time blending out the book area south of the watch winder loop and get that blotch of green to look more like a faint brass reflection.  Last but not least I will finish the chain and then give this a long once over examination for details I may have missed.  Then I get to pull the border tape off and get her scanned in for prints.