Well January is gone and I missed all of my art goals for the month.  The first painting: ‘Reflections in History’ is not done, nor is the book I’m only a hundred pages away from finishing.  On the show and festival front I have mixed results.  I was accepted into the Spring Bloom Arts Festival, which will be my 2011 show opener and second appearance, but I was turned down for a big Kansas City show in Missouri.  I applied to two more fine art festivals, one near St. Louis the other in Columbus… still no word yet.  I still am waiting on jury results from the Missouri Watercolor and Transparent Watercolor Societies Nationals as well as Splash 13.

Coming up fast is Sugar Creek and about three to four more fine art festivals I need to send applications out for.  Lastly I have not even been close to drawing daily.  I do have some legitimate reasons for not getting the painting done.  I am working with a photographer to develop a time lapse video of me completing the painting I’m presently stalled on.  I lost about a week to week and half because the battery died on the camera I have on loan.  Had I had that in my hand I could have continued the photos and painting but I just managed to meet this evening to get a fresh battery from the gentleman.  I should be on track to finish by Sunday.

Next up on the workbench will be a commission piece and a second swimming painting followed by a large batch of smaller works.   Other than that, things are good.  I’m a bit disappointed that in my first month I didn’t complete what I set out to do.  I can still make good on this and press on with new art.  Until then, keep the paint flowing on the paper.