Just a quick note here is all I have time for at the moment. Last weekend was busy with the Washington Art Festival, which ended up being a good show for me, though there were evident signs of a struggling economy going on.

Art has been sort of on a stand still over the last week, in lieu of matting prints and preparing for shows. I have one left for the season coming up at the end of this month so I’m going to try to finish the books painting. I have a frame ready so if I can get this done over the weekend, I will have time to get it scanned and have a few prints run off.

I’m also going to open up my studio to the public, keeping hours in the evenings and some on the weekends. I’m hoping since the students are moving in at ISU here that there will be a huge influx of parents looking for something to do in the downtown area where my studio is at. It would be nice to get my place open for others to see. More later, work calls..